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Michelle Abbey is the President and Chief Executive Officer of TMP Worldwide. Through her 30-year career with TMP Worldwide, Michelle has held almost every position within the business and has helped guide the company’s transition from print to digital, as well as expanded the client solution set to include a robust SaaS technology platform. She takes pride in TMP’s reputation as an organization that gives its workforce opportunities to embrace innovation and change. As a result of having fostered this strategic corporate culture, TMP Worldwide defines new talent acquisition trends as well as creative solutions to solve client challenges. Michelle makes sure this same passion is infused into each client engagement through the delivery of award-winning transformational work.

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The Future of Talent Acquisition: A Unified Platform for Recruiters

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Today, TMP Worldwide announced it has acquired Perengo. Perengo is a leader in programmatic recruitment who introduced scalable, state-of-the-art ad tech to the recruitment world...

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