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Spencer ParraWritten by

Putting Candidates at the Center of Your Recruitment Strategy

Attraction & Engagement, Brand Activation, Candidate Experience, Recruitment Marketing| Views: 706

Today’s competitive hiring landscape brings real opportunity for employers to hone in on effective recruitment strategies. Job candidates now have more choice and control in the...

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Spencer ParraWritten by

Recruitment Analytics 101: How to Collect and Analyze Data for Recruitment Success

Recruitment Marketing, Tracking & Optimization| Views: 1545

“What gets measured, gets improved.” – Peter Drucker Data is a new form of currency across all industries. In the world of recruitment, this currency is paramount...

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Anna CopperWritten by

Building a Solid Foundation for your Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

Diversity, Recruitment Marketing, Tactics, Uncategorized| Views: 873

In our final blog post in this series, we’re discussing how you can attract AND retain diverse talent. Be sure to check out our previous posts: Part One Part Two Part Three...

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Spencer ParraWritten by

Recruitment Funnel: How to Optimize the Job Applicant Experience

Candidate Experience, Recruitment Marketing, Tracking & Optimization| Views: 1268

Technology is now an essential part of recruitment, transforming the way that companies and job applicants interact throughout the hiring process. Programmatic recruitment, for...

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Sophia MadanaWritten by

Overcoming Assumptions in Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, Recruitment Marketing, Tactics| Views: 1166

In our last post in this series, we touched on the workforce’s growing demand to work for value-driven companies that understand the holistic benefits of prioritizing diversity...

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